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Welcome to now has webmail! You can access webmail here. Some people will need to obtain a passwd for accessing webmail. Most people shouldn't need to. If you need to get a new password contact us. Also - mailbox quota's have been put in place. In the mean time also be aware that we are still testing this - so please use it - and give us your feedback. Send feedback to vurtadmin at

Also all vurt users with livejournal accounts should read as vurt news updates generally get posted there.

We provide free email accounts, webspace and mailing lists to Australian roleplayers, clubs and conventions. We also provide a website which contains all sorts of links and resources and faqs and articles on roleplaying in australia. If you have news, articles, links, anything you think should be on or linked to contact us. currently contains a wide range of funky stuff. If you are interested in finding out about gaming and convention roleplaying we have lots of links to convention and club websites and a con calendar telling you when and where the cons are. We also have some articles and faq's about roleplaying. Information about mailing lists and links to all sorts of roleplaying resources.

Check out the News section for all the recent news on both and the roleplaying community.

In Info you can find all sorts of info about, and what we are up to, this section also contains info for users and info on vurt policies.