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The ACG Short Story Collection and ACG proudly present the first ever ACG short story collection. That is, a collection of short stories written by the people that regularly post to ACG.

So what is ACG?

ACG is short for aus.culture.gothic, its a newsgroup on usenet set up for australian goth types and discussion of the gothic subculture in australia - For those more curious, go look at the Offical ACG website and FAQ

So why short stories

Because there are many eloquent and creative types that regularly post to ACG and most of them write very well. So in the interests of being creative, I've decided to create a forum in which to present this work. There are future plans to produce a hardcopy addition of this work, and a potential for creating both an ACG Poetry collection and maybe the best of ACG rants.

A collection of stories on this website will be published in a bound hardcopy edition called subPlots. There will be a cost due to having to cover printing fees. If you'd like to order a copy email me

WARNING - Some of these stories contain adult content and may offend some readers. So proceed at your own discretion, you have been warned.

All these stories remain the property of the writer. You may not reprint, copy or use any of these stories elsewhere without the permission of the author.