Who Are We?

"We are the only group that went from Pointless to Cruelty without being Mental in-between."

-- Adapted from Oscar Wilde --

Pointless Mental Cruelty is the name used by a group of writers who work together. We write and run Freeforms, Role-Playing Games and Events at conventions across Australia. We try to help create Games and occasionally host Events as well. Along the way, between the debates, the food and Roleplaying, we have fun and try to entertain anyone who's willing to participate in the Games we run.













Currently there are 6 writers who are associated with PMC.  We've listed our mugshots above if you need to know what we look like, and bio's are available here(we're not sure why you'd want to read them at all really!).

Pointless Mental Cruelty's Blog!

Latest News...

Last Updated 14th August 2009

PMC is Back in Business!

Yes, the PMC web site, not updated in eons, has finally been revised, thanks to Shell's amazing abilities at building new PCs, and Mark finding the time to organise everything.

The Games list has been updated; the Downloads page restored (see below); the Photos & Awards page names and shames new winners; and details of Games ran in 2008 & 2009 added.

Our Downloads Return...

After much salvaging, scanning and scrounging, we've managed to restore our on-line archive! Click on one of the links below to download a PDF version of the Game. For a brief summary of each Game, click here.

New Material:

2009 | Spaghetti!
2008 | The Long Walk
2006 | Save Bill!
2001 | A Tragic Toy Story

Old Material:

2007 | Mythbusters B.C.
2004 | Saigon in Flames
2003 | Everyday is Christmas in Heaven

What's Missing:

2006 | Brotherhood of the Caribbean: The Island of Las Aves (our only copy is with Daniel at this time *sighs*)...

Coming in 2009:

2008 | A Poinltess Fairy Tale
2006 | The Manor of Darkmoor
2005 | The Greatest American Tragedy

"Recovery" to be Submitted for Arcanacon XXVIII 2010

The Pointless Mental Cruelty crew are currently in the process of writing a Call of Cthulhu Game for Arcanacon XXVIII 2010. The setting is an asylum, and all we can tell you at this time is that a number of odd 'props' will be involved! A blurb will be available on the web site in early September 2008. Stay tuned for more details...

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