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Who the fuck is Jeff Noon anyway?

This is a little rant written by Olly. More will be added as I make up my mind on how I want to add it.

Jeff Noon is perhaps one of the more iconoclastic SF writers of the era.
To call Noon's fiction cyberpunk is akin to calling anything by Terry
Brooks readable. His writing is apocalyptic in feel, describing a gritty
futuristic world in which dream meets reality.  His first book "Vurt,"
covers the searching of Scribble for Desdemona, superficially a
traditional love story.  But it has a twist: Desdemona, Scribble's sister
has been lost to the shadowy world of "Vurt," a psychedelic reality woven
from the desires and dreams of the populace, only accessible by vurt
feathers, drugs of mind-weirding quality.  

In Noon's world, the bleak industrial background of Manchester is offset
by mulatto beings of phantasmagoric proportions.  Manchester itself is
the focus of his chronicles, and though containing teeming slums, the 
occupants are not necessarily human in nature.  A whole menagerie of
bastardized creatures are present; dog-men, robo-men, shadow-women and
zombies, spawned from the drug-induced coupling of humans with dogs, robots
and the dead respectively.

Noon's second book, "Pollen" is a dark journey into the soul of the city,
heralding the appearance of a new half-breed begotten by man and flower.
More importantly, the book chronicles the Machiavellian war between Vurt,
those beings who are entirely dream in fashion, and Pure, those who dwell
within reality and are as yet untainted by the vurt.

Finally, in the series of recent novels, is "Nymphomation," a millenial
fever charged book, dealing with the changing of Manchester through the
birth of the Vurt.  In this book, which is surely his masterpiece, Noon
presents abstract probability mathematics as a tool for warping
consciousness through the all-encompassing allure of gambling. 

Noon is like e.e. cummings meeting Philip K. Dick and sharing a blotter
of acid, creating a writing style which is both as florid as it is
unfettered by traditional writing constraints.  In short, Noon writes
fleshpunk fiction for the coming millenium. His are compassionate myths
forged for the jaded generation.  Noon is the moebius strip of writing,
ever defying convention.

It's just on Noon.  It's Domino Time.