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Frequently Questioned Answers

What, I hear you ask, is a Frequently Questioned Answer? Well - let me answer that by pointing out that that's the wrong question. Mainly because it is a question. We don't answer questions here, we question answers. Any piece of established truth, any known credo, any stated fact will be ruthlessly questioned by our team of experts. Plus of course, by anyone else who feels they have a question to be asked.

However, we have a problem. To whit - we couldn't really be bothered spending a lot of effort developing this site and so its a bit empty at the moment. To that end, we're asking for contributions. Any answers you want questioned, post them to and, when I feel excited, I'll get the whole list into some sort of cohesive format.

Suggestions should kind of look like this:

  • Human beings evolved from primates. Oh yeh? Then how come we don't all live in trees and eat bananas with our feet, then, huh?
  • God created the universe in seven days. In that case, where did all those dinosaur bones come from, then? Go on - explain that one!
  • 42. What the hell were you smoking when you came up with that, Douglas? or Did you just reach the end of the book and have no idea what you were doing?
  • Luke, I am your father. Does this mean you want a Fathers' Day card?
  • I'll be back. Can you grab me a Coke? or You mean - in the sequel, right?
  • RTFM. What's the Kama Sutra got to do with it?
  • Andrew Eldritch is God. Would you like to buy a copy of The Watchtower?
  • Jesus. What?
  • This page intentionally left blank. Is this indicative of the technical support offered by your company? or Couldn't you just have deliberately left it out? or If you meant to leave it blank, then why did you write "This page intentionally left blank" on it?
  • No, I won't sleep with you. Does this have something to do with my being bald, fat and ugly?
  • X. Y?
  • All we need to do, Captain, is re-regulate warp power through the binary flow convertors and we will be able to break free of the Romulan Tractor Beam. Don't you mean 'Break free of Prime Time'?
  • I crashed my computer. Were you driving without a license?
  • MC2. Can you get me some E?
  • No one can tell you what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself. Isn't that just a way of getting more bums on seats?
  • No one will ever understand Quantum Physics. Did someone in the future use something that they did not understand to send that little prophecy back in time?

All suggestions will be posted! By you. To us.