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Roleplaying     |   Info   |   News   |   Links   |     Webmail Info is a free resource aimed at members of the Australian role-playing community. It is our aim to bring Australian role-players together by not only providing a resource that all players, GMs, designers and so on can access but also by encouraging and assisting people to enter the convention scene and thereby get to know a whole variety of new people. is an entirely volunteer organisation. We offer free web space and email and mailing lists to australian roleplayers. We also offer a place for roleplayers to find information on roleplaying in Australia. We have links to roleplaying clubs and conventions and gaming stores, we have roleplaying FAQ's and a mentor program and articles on roleplaying and all sorts of stuff. If you have something you think we'd like on, or have a roleplaying link for a con, club, shop, article, whatever, send it to us

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