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Vurt's usage policy

Okay, so you have a vurt account, now what. Don't do bad stuff, do good stuff. Don't break the server, don't post abusive stuff to alt.bestiality (unless you are morgan :). Don't spam anywhere, don't get us arrested, and remember your netiquette lessons. Use vurt well and use vurt cluefully. We don't censor. That aside, have fun and do what you want.

Vurt's spam policy

Vurt has a very strict anti-spam policy - we will never, under any circumstances (even that evil torture with the bamboo twigs and the firey pokers) give your email address to any external source without your express permission. Neither will we send you unsolicited email advertisments unless you have specifically requested them.

Why? Because we care. That and the fact that we boil spammers in their own bile before slicing them into small and easy to chew pieces. So as you can see, we'd rather not be hypocrites.

For more info on spam, what to do about it and how to be a responsible online citizen, see

If you believe someone is using a vurt mailing list to spam, or would like to be removed from a vurt mailing, email that lists admin, or email

If you have a complaint to make about vurt, or someone using a vurt email address in an inapropriate manner, please email, and we can deal with the offending, or offended party.

Please be good :)