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This is a list of links to all sorts of roleplaying clubs and organisations in australia.We are currently in the process of collating a list of all roleplaying clubs and organisations in australia, if you know about some clubs - please email the info to Us


  • Infinite Images - Melbourne Uni Roleplaying Group
  • #UnderdarK - IRC roleplaying
  • MURP - Monash Uni Role Players
  • Gameplayers @ UNSW
  • Ring of Australian RoleplayING
  • The Camarilla - LIve action roleplaying set in the world of darkness - The Camarilla is an international organisation, here you can find out info about the camarilla's activities in australia.
  • Clandestyne - An ongoing live action storyteller game that runs in Sydney.
  • RPGA Asia-Pacific Branch Home Page
  • DWARF Inc. - Every Sunday 9 am till 6 pm, Every Thursday night 7pm till 11 pm, 43-61 Browns Road, Noble Park North - Carwatha Secondary College, Victoria
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