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14th November 2003
We have webmail up and working, with many thanks to wonderful geeks Jai and Nigel. Please use, test and enjoy. Some people may have to email vurtadmin at for a new passwd. Also if you would like a webmail account - email us.

It's probably worth mentioning at this point, is that everything that does is voluntary. The machine was donated, the bandwidth has been donated, and a lot of people put alot of time into making it work. Some people have bitched about problems vurt has had, but really - its free, and it only keeps working on the good will of volunteers and support. so a huge thanks to everyone involved.

I know how hideously out of date the website is - I;m in the progress of updating it - so feel free to send info and corrections for the website to

A good place to get info is - much info on gets posted here

15th October 2003
So its been awhile - but i'm finally updating the website.

The biggest news is that has moved homes - we've left the gracious hosts vicnet - and the machine is now residing in our house on a rather nice net connection paid for by a rather oblidging bunch of geeks. So big thanks to the tentacle conspiracy :).

Other changes coming up - is we intend to introduce webmail to make life easier for our users. This wil come along with some website changes and easier access all round. This will affect anyone who reads there email via ssh but we can tell you how to make it so things keep working.

Our loyal rhesus monkey is retiring after some years of fantasic services keeping this machine running. He is wondering off overseas and we wish him the best of luck and welcome or new sucker^H^H^H^H I mean wonderful sysadmin Nigel.