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Unwritten Rules

Recently (and, in fact, back in the gulfs of history) there has been discussion, both on and offline, about whether or not roleplaying is dead and whose fault it is. It has been suggested that its dead because too many people want to play systemless games. Its been suggested that its dead because all the games that can be written have been written. Its been suggested that its dead because cards and computer games just have so much more to offer.

Unwritten Rules happens to disagree.

Unwritten Rules is a team dedicated to breaking the boundaries of what people think of as roleplaying. To break the "unwritten rules" that people abide to when designing role-playing games. To twist the role-playing media to our own needs. Unwritten Rules consists of Madi, Morgan, Neef, Ollie, Richard and Renee

So what are the rules? There are any number - and it's very difficult to determine what they are. However, we can give examples and how the team members have broken them in the past.

  • All games should have a plot - broken by Madi in Freaks. The "plot" came entirely from NPCs reactions to player actions.
  • All players have a character - broken by Madi in Great Cthulhu Batman and Zombie: The Mouldering - in which all players went through about five or more characters.
  • There should be no point in which the GM is busier than the players - broken by Morgan in, well, everything he's written.
  • Don't cross your genres - broken by nearly *everyone* - but possibly best by Renee and Neef in Beta v0.1 in which the Paranoia world was taken as-written but viewed through a very different lens.
  • All characters should have a reason for being there - a rule not just broken but smashed to bits and danced upon by Richard and Sara in T.W.A.T
  • Don't overstep the bounds of decency, or to put it another way,it's not funny to laugh at people because they're different - yep, this is a reference to Blax, by Morgan and Ollie.

See what we mean?

If you want to know more about us, either look for games at conventions with the "Unwritten Rules" tag on them or you can e-mail Madi.

So what have you guys done and what are you doing? We have run alot of games at different cons, I'll try to get a listing up soonish of what people in our team have done. There are links along the side that will take you to Richards homepage (which is also the Black Death site) and the bit on Renee's homepage that deals with Will Fuck GM's for Trophies and what she has done at cons. The next con is Unicon and here's a link to upcoming Unwritten Rules games